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Tips for Designers and Developers of Technical Training

About the site:
Tips on this site will help designers and developers of task-based, technical training to do the job more effectively and efficiently. This includes those charged with training newcomers or folks needing to develop new job skills, in business, religious, or volunteer organizations.

If you've been around the world of instructional design and development you've probably heard it, either spoken or implied:  (If you haven't, believe me, at some point you will!) Get it done! Get it done yesterday! Get it right the first time! And be sure that the training you design and develop supports the tasks that define the job!

A tall order? Yes, but certainly not impossible - at least not in my experience, and that's why I've put this website together – to share some of the technical training suggestions I’ve come up with over the past “more than a few” years working in the world of instructional design – where the rubber meets the road.

Since, arguably, the task analysis phase is one of the more important and often shortchanged aspects of training, I devote considerable attention to the subject.

If you design and/or develop technical training, I can just about guarantee these tips can make your life easier. And they are free! If you’re tasked with designing and developing training and have questions after reading the tips on this site (or any time for that matter), contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.

If you’re an employer and need another pair of hands (and head) to weather a peak demand for training development, consider me as an available (and affordable) resource for design and development of technical training – in most any field and in any delivery mode. And, if you could use my help in justifying, designing, or developing employee, task-based, training let me know via the form at the bottom of this page.
Do you have a technical training tip you’d like to see on this site? Submit it, and if I add it to this website, I’ll give you credit and include a link to your website if applicable. If I add a link to your site, I’ll expect reciprocity. You’ll find a form for submitting comments or tips on all “Tips Pages.”

About me:
Since 1991, I have served as an independent consultant, designing and developing training, and providing advice to others in the field of training design and development. I'm still open for business although my present marketing strategy consists of answering the phone when it rings and responding to emails and information requests when I receive them.

The last time I held a “W-2” job was 1991. That’s when I retired from IBM having spent the previous 23 years as an instructor and instructional designer / developer. During that period I proved my worth by receiving awards for creative design and development from several levels of management including the Field Engineering Division’s President’s Award.

Since I retired from the W-2 world and entered the 1099 world I’ve worked for more than a few clients in more than a few industries and disciplines. While I certainly don’t consider myself to be a universal subject matter expert, I can design and develop training that imparts skills and knowledge of true subject matter experts into others.

Some of the companies I have worked with in the past include the following:
• Acro Press
• Akerman LLP
• BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
• Business Management Research Associates
• Cabot Microelectronics
• Christian Labour Association of Canada
• Continental Airlines
• Fluor Corporation
• GlaxoSmithKline
• International Business Machines
• International Council of Airshows
• J and B Enterprises LLC
•Lederle Pharmaceuticals
•Marshall Institute
•MaxIT Corporation
•Motion House
•Munson Medical Center
•Nortel Communications
•Panduit Corp
•Riggs Institute
•Social Work P. R. N.
•SouthWest Bible Institute
•Spadina Industries
•Sun City Center (Florida) Emergency Squad
•The First Forward Institute, Inc
•The Safety Forum
•United Government Services, LLC
•University of California at Sacramento
•Virginia Continuing Legal Education

I have a proven track record of experience in all phases of training design starting with task analysis and ending with the design and development of instructor led, print based self-study, computer based, eLearning courses. I have written, directed, and in some cases actually produced video material to support training – and I am available to repeat those kinds of actions when asked.

As for my educational background, it started at University of Kentucky with a major in physics – that changed to Chemistry – and then after 3 plus years ground to a halt in what turned out to be a successful attempt to ward off starvation for me, my wife, and young son. From the beginning of my training related assignments, IBM provided a wealth of ongoing training that ranged from platform skills to instructional design and development skills.  Later, while working for IBM, I participated in a twelve-week, graduate level course sponsored as a joint venture between IBM and Georgia State University that focused on the computer-based training design. That's the formal part, but the real education in the field of instructional design came from independent study and reading at the school of hard knocks, where the rubber and the road have a co-existent, working relationship.

If you feel I can be of help, use the form below to give me a shout.

When I’m not working, I spend time as an EMT in the local volunteer emergency squad, and I’m active in the technical aspect in my church operating equipment and training volunteers in the audio/visual equipment operation.

My past and current interests include amateur radio, photography, videography, scouting (as an adult leader), and volunteering in general.


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