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Pete Blair Consulting offers the following 6 levels of help for designing and developing employee training.

Level 1 - 60 Technical Training Tips – Free of charge – Click any of the buttons above to access tips.

Level 2 - Questions answered - meetings and design/development activity scheduled – Free of charge – Click Contact Us button above.

Level 3 - Telephone, SKYPE, or ZOOM assistance - $79/hour, 15 minutes minimum
• Level 3 activities must be pre-arranged via level 2.
• One hour must be paid in advance via PayPal
• Refund, if applicable, made within 5 minutes of ending call.

Level 4 - Meetings via ZOOM; or design and development work – less than 8 hours $79/hour – billed in quarter hour increments.
• Level 4 activities must be prearranged via Level 2 or email.
• Payments in advance via PayPal or after the fact if arranged by purchase order.

Level 5 - One or more full, eight-hour, days – remote activity - $632 per day (in quarter hour increments after the first full day) must be arranged via Level 2 or email and supported with written contract.

Level 6 - On site activity - $800/day plus expenses
Must be mutually agreed upon, supported with Purchase Order, and paid within 30 days of each week of activity.

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