Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation

4051 Upper Creek Dr.
Suite #103B
Sun City Center, Florida 33573

The Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps individuals with their essential living expenses while they undergo treatment for cancer. Cancer patients are able to receive assistance from the Foundation for their non-medical bills, such as overdue rent, mortgage, utility bills and car payments. This financial assistance immediately impacts cancer patients and their families in communities throughout Florida, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

The Foundation is partially supported by voluntary FCS employee payroll deductions and FCS partner physician donations.
Due to the generosity of the FCS partner physicians, 100% of donations received go directly towards paying the essential living expenses of someone with cancer.

Through the Patient Support Volunteer program, the Foundation makes an additional difference by providing support to patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

• Offer snacks or beverages to patients
• Share magazines and reading materials
• Listen and lend a sympathetic ear
• Engage in light conversation

A full description of the Patient Support Volunteer position follows.

Patient Support Volunteer Position Description

Position Title: Patient Support Volunteer
Department: Volunteer Services
Reports To: Volunteer Program Manager

Job Description Summary:
This position is responsible for supporting the non-medical needs of adult patients in the infusion/treatment areas, in an effort to provide comfort and companionship. Patient Support Volunteers are ambassadors for the FCS Foundation.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Greet patients and guests with a smile and friendly voice.
• Ensure each patient has a clean pillowcase and blanket.
• Restock cupboards with supplies, blankets and pillowcases at the end of the shift.
• Distribute snacks, prepare coffee or other beverages, and serve to patients and guests.
• Restock snacks, beverages, and supplies at the end of the shift.
• Restock the blanket warmer, if applicable.
• Offer assistance escorting patients to chairs or other parts of the facility, if needed.
• Engage patients and guests in light, easy conversation.
• Hand out magazines, books and FCS Foundation information to patients and guests.
• Wipe down patient chairs after patient has left using gloves and sanitizing wipes. Place used blankets in laundry baskets and dispose of used pillow cases.
• Log in and log out in the infusion areas with your name, time you arrived and time you left, as well as total hours you worked each shift.

Time Commitment:
Shifts are a minimum of three hours in length, morning or afternoon, with a recommended six-month commitment. The number of days and times that shifts are available may vary by clinic location.

• Excellent verbal communication skills are required. Be an FCSF ambassador.
• Basic computer and internet skills, as well as an email address, are essential.
• Must have a friendly and compassionate personality.
• Able to commit to a minimum of two hours a week, on a regular basis.
• Must be 18 years old or over.
• We are not able to accommodate patients who are actively being treated for cancer, or court-ordered community service.
• Ability to stand and walk for three hours with light lifting, carrying and bending.

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