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The tips on this site are designed to help designers and developers of task-based, technical training in doing their job. This would include those charged with training newcomers in business, religious, or volunteer organizations. The design and development tips on this site are as a result of over (well over) thirty five years of technical-training design and development experience.

Since, arguably, the task analysis phase is one of the more important and often shortchanged aspect of training, the site devotes considerable attention to the subject.

If you design and/or develop technical training, I can just about guarantee these tips can make your life easier. And they are free!

If you could use my help in justifying, designing, or developing Employee, task-based, training let me know via the Contact Me link on the About Us page.

If after reading information on this site, you have questions or comments, click here, the Contact me link above, or simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

Training Related Experience:

Since 1991, I have served as an independent consultant, designing and developing training, and providing advice to others in the field of training design and development. I'm still open for business although my present marketing strategy consists of answer the phone when it rings and responding to emails and information requests when I receive them.

Following is a list of clients for whom I have worked with since 1991.

• Acro Press
• Akerman LLP
• BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
• Business Management Research Associates
• Cabot Microelectronics
• Christian Labour Association of Canada
• Continental Airlines
• Fluor Corporation
• GlaxoSmithKline
• International Business Machines
• International Council of Airshows
• J and B Enterprises LLC
•Lederle Pharmaceuticals
•Marshall Institute
•MaxIT Corporation
•Motion House
•Munson Medical Center
•Nortel Communications
•Panduit Corp
•Riggs Institute
•Social Work P. R. N.
•SouthWest Bible Institute
•Spadina Industries
•Sun City Center (Florida) Emergency Squad
•The First Forward Institute, Inc
•The Safety Forum
•United Government Services, LLC
•University of California at Sacramento
•Virginia Continuing Legal Education

All of my training-related experience prior to 1991 was with the Field Engineering Division of IBM.

From 1990 until I retired from IBM in 1991, I served as an Education Planner. My job was to identify labor and resource requirements, project by project, for an education design and development department. This involved doing a very quick, high-level, instructional design and making initial course delivery method and media selection decisions to determine project cost. It also included doing needs assessments to decide if training was the correct solution to the problem.

From 1988 to 1990 I served as a Senior Staff Developer. I was responsible for conducting staff development for personnel assigned to design, develop, and produce instructional materials including interactive and linear video, computer based training, and hard copy self study material. I was also responsible for educational review and approval of all training materials created within the department.

From 1970 to 1988: I served as a Course Developer. I designed, developed, and produced instructional materials for lecture/lab, print-based self-study, and computer/video based courses. Design activity included needs and task analysis. Development included writing student and instructor printed material, computer based training courseware, and video scripts.

From 1967 to 1970 I served as a classroom and laboratory instructor.  During this time I also created and revised course materials. 

Since 2006 I have been an active member of the local, volunteer emergency squad and since 2008 have been an EMT.  In addition to serving as an EMT, I have also created video and web-based instructional materials for the squad.

Avocational Interests

I am active in church, training volunteers in the audio/visual equipment operation.

My past and current interests include amateur radio, photography, videography, scouting (as an adult leader), and volunteering in general.


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