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Tips for Just In Time Training

Definition: Just-in-Time learning (JIT) provides a learning solution when it is actually needed, rather than on a deferred basis. It can be automated, such as web based; or having coaches on stand-by for such needs.

Learners have broken free from their shackles, and can now access training whenever they want. This is where just-in-time learning comes in. It’s where learning is available on-demand, and can be accessed when the learner needs it.

Just in Time Training is walking down to the desk of a more experienced co-worker to ask for a solution when you get stuck on a project. It is looking up Wikipedia when you come across a novel concept during your browsing sessions. It is calling up mom when you want advice on a recipe.

Just-in-time learning is having access to knowledge just when you need it. It is not having to wait till the public library opens or you can catch hold of a subject matter expert.

Just-in-time online trainingprovides employees with vital information when they need it the most. Instead of waiting for the next online training course, they can brush up on skills and improve task performance at a moment's notice. As such, just-in-time online training resources must be quick, convenient, and targeted to the specific goals and needs of your employees. Here are the 8 best practices to keep in mind when creating just-in-time online training.

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