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The Nearly New Shop

Volunteers are needed at the Nearly New Shop in the Sun City Center Plaza. This time of year with Sno-Birds leaving and vacations more frequent the Nearly New Shop becomes understaffed. Needed are willing workers who can put in 3 hours or more a week helping with the necessary chores and duties that make the Nearly New a successful endeavor.

The Nearly New Shop is a project of the Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council and raises funds through the sale of donated goods. The shop is open for sales from 8AM - Noon on Saturdays during the summer months. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8AM - 3PM for donations

Interested parties can call 813-642-9099, go to the shop which is in the rear of the Sun City Center Plaza behind the Bon Worth store, or fill out and submit the form below.  With respect to the form, someone from Nearly New will contact you.

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