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Structured On Job Training - On Site Offer - Overview

It’s more important today than ever before to get new employees up to speed and performing their tasks correctly. In all too many cases, in the name of on-job-training, new employees are simply told to go with Joe or Sally and they’ll teach you the job. This method of training is often referred to as “Follow Joe” or “Sit with Sally” Training.

That would be absolutely great – if Joe, Sally, and the new employee all had had detailed documents that not only specified the tasks comprising the job but also performance criteria that Joe and Sally could use to determine if the new employee could actually, correctly perform each task without coaching.

Providing that type of documentation elevates new employee training from “Follow Joe” and/or “Sit with Sally” training” to Structured-on-Job Training (SOJT). Quality SOJT quickly equips the new employee to do the job correctly.

Using today’s technology, I can produce the documents to support Structured on Job training, usually within two weeks from the time we start. And I will do it all at a less than reasonable rate - remotely.

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