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Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care
Baycare Health System – St. Joseph’s Hospital
1408 N. West Shore, Suite 260,
Tampa, FL 33607

Hospice is a way of providing care for a person who is terminally ill. Hospice is a program that focuses on quality of life. It is most helpful during the final six months of life expectancy. Hospice believes in the right of people to know accurately and honestly what is happening to them so they can choose how they want to spend the remaining amount of time in the most purposeful and meaningful ways. Hospice is for people who have any terminal illness. Hospice is a way to deal realistically with a fatal disease. It offers the hope of dignity and comfort. Hospice is a family-oriented program that helps families and/or friends care for their loved one in the home.

At Seasons, our volunteers fulfill a number of vital roles, including:
-  Providing companionship and helping with small chores for patients
- Creating moving legacy projects or memory keepsakes
- Assisting with administrative duties at our offices

The contributions of these volunteers are enshrined into the hospice philosophy by making them an integral part of the hospice care team. Every hospice in the United States has a team of dedicated volunteers who donate their time and talents to help patients.

Veterans are particularly needed as companion volunteers because their ability to connect with veterans in hospice.

Specific Opportunities at Season's Hospice

Companion Volunteer