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Task Analysis & Toolkit

One of the first and an absolute critical first step in developing effective and efficient job-task training programs begins with a complete and accurate task analysis of the job. In addition to including duties and tasks associated with the job, a complete task analysis includes additional information for each task such as:

  • How critical is this task?
  • How often is it performed?
  • How difficult is it to learn to do this task?
  • What’s the impact if this task is not done properly?
  • Is this task something that must be addressed in training, or can we expect new-hires to be able to perform this task without training?
  • Does the task require periodic “refresh” training?
  • Would task performance be enhanced with the creation of job aids?

Note: there are two versions of the Toolkit, Single-User and Web Enterprise (for multiple users).

The Web Enterprise version stores Task Analysis information in the cloud and accesses that information via the Windows based application installed on an instructional designer's machine. Companies that purchase the Web Enterprise version can install the application on as many computers as they deem necessary (Unlimited Installs). Since the job-task information for all jobs are parked on the internet, those installs could be any place in the world!

Within a company, any instructional designer with the Web Enterprise version can access and work on any task analysis project.

A feature within the Web Enterprise version allows an instructional designer to enter minimal task information one or more tasks associated with a job and then assign those tasks to a subject matter expert (SME) for completion. SMEs will use the Task Completion Module to complete the task information. The Task Completion Module is included with the Web Enterprise version, and, like the toolkit, can be installed on as many Windows based machines as necessary - no limit.

There are two (free) eLearning courses to support SMEs working with this feature. The first introduces terms used in the task analysis process and prepares SMEs to contribute to a task analysis in a meeting with other SMEs. The second prepares them to work with the Task Completion Module itself. These two courses will be made available to customers interested in the Enterprise version. For companies that purchase the Enterprise version, the courses can be packaged to run on the customer's LMS.

The user interfaces for both the single user and enterprise versions of the toolkit are identical except for how new jobs are started. For that reason, it is recomended that companies interested in the Enterprise version download and become familiar with the single user version first.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to request the URL of the installation file for the Trial, Single-User Toolkit.

Below there are three videos, Overview, Indepth Demo, and Summary of Differences Between the two Versions. All three videos are high definition so feel free to watch in full screen mode.

Frequently Asked Questions
Free Course on Task Analysis

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