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Covid-19 has indeed upended employment, and in many cases has increased the need for high quality Structured On Job training packages. If this describes your company and you have the resources to create your own training, the tips on this website are yours, free of charge. On the other hand, if you have the need but not the resources, maybe I can help.

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Tips for Designers and Developers of Technical Training
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About the site:
Tips on this site will help designers and developers of task-based, technical training to do the job more effectively and efficiently. This includes those charged with training newcomers or folks needing to develop new job skills, in business, religious, or volunteer organizations.

If you've been around the world of instructional design and development you've probably heard it, either spoken or implied: (If you haven't, believe me, at some point you will!) Get it done! Get it done yesterday! Get it right the first time! And be sure that the training you design and develop supports the tasks that define the job!

A tall order? Yes, but certainly not impossible - at least not in my experience, and that's why I've put this website together – to share some of the technical training suggestions I’ve come up with over the past “more than a few” years working in the world of instructional design – where the rubber meets the road.

Since, arguably, the task analysis phase is one of the more important and often shortchanged aspects of training, I devote considerable attention to the subject.

If you design and/or develop technical training, I can just about guarantee these tips can make your life easier. And they are free! If you’re tasked with designing and developing training and have questions after reading the tips on this site (or any time for that matter), Feel free to contact me.

If you’re an employer and need another pair of hands (and head) to weather a peak demand for training development, consider me as an available (and affordable) resource for design and development of technical training – in most any field and in any delivery mode.


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